The Paramour Cast

Wolfgang Valentine

Peter James

Our Fearless Leader “Wolfgang Valentine” is played by local funny man Peter James. Peter is one of the longest running cast members and had his start on the Paramour Stage as an improv comedian in our “Improv After Dark” show.

After working his way through over 10 shows in 4 years, it was an easy decision to make Peter the front man of this hilariuosly outragous show and allow his comedic talent to shine.

You can also see Peter every Monday in our dedicated Comedy Room where he hosts a weekly comedy show, free of charge!

FeFe Le Trick

Annie James

The sultry songstress that leads some of the sexiest vocals in the show, Annie James has been with The Paramour Theatre for almost 4 years playing multiple roles.

We’re now lucky to finally have Annie’s talents on and off the stage as she works in the office throughout the week as our promotions and social media manager.

Annie also takes part in multiple theatre and film projects in the area which keep her talents growing as a performer.


Wes Evans

After 5 years of trying his best to stay backstage, Wes has been thrust into the spotlight as our outrageously over the top Drag Queen “Sugar,” that has no problem flirting with everyone in the audience.

Sugar is usually one of the first cast members our guests interact with and we guarantee she wont be easily forgotten after you leave for the evening.