The Paramour Cast

Sylvester Valentine

Our Fearless Leader “Sal Valentine” is a mysterious man that not too many people know much about. Rumors have it, he was a roadie for Frank Sinatra back in the day and when Frank told him he would never amount to anything, he vowed to prove him wrong!

Ruby Draper

The sultry songstress that leads the sexiest vocals in the show, a trained dancer with a vocal ability that will knock your socks off.

Ruby started with The Paramour Cabaret in June of 2021 and we are so glad to have her as our lead vocalist, we are always in awe for her talents every night as she belts out the songs all while keeping up with all the dancers.

This triple threat is a joy to watch on stage.

Miss Donna Perignonn

The Paramour Cabaret Theatre is extremely fortunate to showcase the mega star that is Miss Donna Perignonn!

Donna has been in the business for over 25 years and turns up the glitz and glam in our Paramour Cabaret every night!

In her fabulous attire, she is a seductress onstage, bringing a sense of awe as soon as she steps out of the wings.

The audience cant help but cheer for this legend every time she steps foot on stage.

Brooke Archer-Evans

Brooke has been performing all around the world as a dancer her entire life but has been dancing almost exclusively at The Paramour since it opened in 2015 Brooke is not only our sexy Burlesque performer but also works tirelessly as the shows choreographer.

Our Dancers

Sarah, Chloe, Tamika, Nicola & Ashleigh

Stunning, exquisite and sassy are just a few words to describe our incredible dancers!

These professionally trained bombshells have years worth of experience between them as they have twirled and pirouetted across the four corners of the globe!

You will be delighted as you watch these talented dancers take on demanding choreography, that is performed effortlessly!

The Boys

Gonza and James

These boys are cheeky, fun and a little bit frisky!

As the newest cast members, these boys are a jack of all trades in our Paramour Cabaret, as they bring with them their theatrical and acting experiences and circus skills.

Keep an eye out for them throughout the show and especially when they take the stage by storm in their carefully coordinated act!

Willing to bare all, you’ll be feasting with your eyes on what the boys bring to the stage!